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Keeping the people informed and involved – City of Glendale

Stacy Miller Public Affairs was retained by the City of Glendale to provide expert public relations and strategic communication counsel on a multitude of issues including: Water Rate Change – Faced with public opposition to a proposed water rate change, the City of Glendale turned to Stacy to develop a plan of action to curb the uproar.  Stacy [...]


Charging up residents – Santa Barbara County

Stacy Miller Public Affairs was selected by the County of Santa Barbara to design, develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and communication program for the emPowerSBC program. The program was just months away from its official launch– yet had virtually no marketing or outreach plan in place. Within two short months of being retained, SMPA had created a [...]


Speaking up for the little guys – Los Angeles Universal Preschool

Faced with the challenge of sustaining investments in preschool programs in the midst of difficult economic conditions, Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) recognized the importance of promoting high-quality preschool and thus hired Stacy Miller Public Affairs for strategic communication, public relations and public affairs consulting. In addition to consulting on a variety of PR and advancement issues and [...]


Coming together to plan the future – Castaic Lake Water Agency

On behalf of Castaic Lake Water Agency, Stacy Miller Public Affairs developed, administered, implemented and facilitated a highly successful outreach program for the Santa Clarita Valley Urban Water Management Plan. In what is likely the largest and most far-reaching public participation plan for an Urban Water Management Plan in the State of California, SMPA coordinated and facilitated multiple [...]


Change is good – Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital

Prior to the involvement of Stacy Miller Public Affairs, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital was facing a firestorm of controversy surrounding their 15-year Master Plan expansion project that had recently been approved by their local City Council.  Concerned about being negatively labeled in the media, the organization typically ‘kept a low profile’ with reg After creating a comprehensive [...]


Achieving success through coalition and stakeholder engagement – The City of Santa Clarita

When a multi-national mining conglomerate attempted to initiate a project that threatened to negatively affect thousands of Los Angeles Valley residents, the City of Santa Clarita found itself faced with a daunting prospect: accede to the well-funded conglomerate’s plans… or fight.  Santa Clarita opted for the latter option, and Stacy Miller led the charge. From the get-go, it [...]


Crisis Communication – Matter of Minutes

Two children died from heat exposure in Los Angeles County after being left unattended in a vehicle. This tragedy not only resulted in the loss of two precious lives, it also created a firestorm of media attention and   controversy. In response to this tragic incident, Stacy Miller developed, implemented and launched the “Matter of Minutes™” campaign — a [...]