Micro Case Study: Working with City Governance to Create A Win-Win-Win

In my role as Chair of the Board of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce, I approached challenges in the same way as I do here at SMPA: Connect the right people to create a win-win-win. Take this micro case study of drinking establishments in Oxnard as an example.

In 2019, many of them, like craft breweries, seek to be family-friendly places of business. They not only serve craft beer, but also cater to families by providing a family-friendly atmosphere and activities for kids, like food trucks and board games.

Two local establishments reached out to the City of Oxnard and the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce, requesting assistance with lifting a regulation that prohibited anyone under 21 from entering. (This applied to craft breweries without a kitchen.)

The craft brewery business-model focuses on providing a family-friendly environment where mom and dad can enjoy a cold one at the end of the day, while their children play safely nearby. Unfortunately, in Oxnard, unlike other neighboring cities, there was a regulation that prohibited people under 21 to accompany an adult to a craft brewery.

When brought to the attention of Jeff Lambert, Oxnard’s Community Development Director, he did his research and realized that the City didn’t have the authority to put such a condition on the businesses and set in motion to make a change.  And it worked; the City lifted the restriction.

“It’s important that we continue to look for ways to make doing business in the city of Oxnard easier,” says Lambert. “We look forward to more opportunities to streamline and reduce red tape.”

How’s that for government working with local business?

This is absolutely how we create a win-win-win. The City wins because it will see more revenue from the businesses; the businesses win because they are seeing more sales, and patrons win because they are no longer restricted from bringing their children with them to their favorite craft beer hangout.

This piece originally appeared in the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Chair of the Board News: https://www.oxnardchamber.org/chamber-news/category/chair-of-the-board