Why City Managers Need Communications Professionals

Being a city manager is a tough job. He or she is expected to be a virtual expert on a myriad of subjects, depending upon the day. Everything from budgeting, the Brown Act and building, to politics, public works and policing. It’s been suggested in jest that the title “city manager,” might as well be […]

Communications and Emergency Response: Where Do I Start?

Santa Clarita Buckweed Fire 2007 - Photo by Ryan Drake

If you work in local government then, chances are, you are going to be part of an emergency response. Having led communications for 11 federally-declared disasters in my former municipality (and helping out on a few more as a consultant), I can attest that working through a crisis is one of the most stressful, time-demanding […]

Why You and Your Organization Need Interns More Than THEY Need You!

Ahh interns. Those bright-eyed, digitally-connected young people who come into your workplace to learn and grow. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate interns and believe that if you get the right ones, they often give more than they take. Here are a few examples of why you and your organization needs interns. Old Dog, […]

The Mystery of Media Relations Revealed: Top 10 Media Rules to Live by

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When I was the public relations manager in the 1980’s for an L.A.-based hospital, media relations was my world.  No one in the organization talked to the press without first talking to me. Doctors, nurses, administrators—everyone sent those press calls my way. Life was good. Then I went to work for local government where the […]