“Positive and constructive relations with Government can mean the difference between an important project languishing, or being promoted and integrated into to the community it is meant to serve.”

-Stacy Miller, President & CEO

Case Study: Deep Well Injection

When an international company based in Los Angeles County needed help to prevent a potential environmental and economic disaster that could impact its business and the homes of its employees, they turned to Stacy Miller Public Affairs.

In an effort to solve one issue, a proposal was brought forth to extract brine from the area’s wastewater and inject it into deep wells near The Old Road and Valencia Boulevard, beneath the communities of Stevenson Ranch and Westridge where thousands of residents live.  It was estimated that over 9 billion gallons of brine would be injected underground over the next 50 years at a rate of 500,000 gallons of treated sewage daily.

The proposal brought with it much concern, controversy and unanswered questions for residents and industry as to the seismic safety and effect on property values.


Stacy and her team were able to accurately frame the complex issue, create effective messaging and deliver it to the right elected officials in a timely manner.  SMPA, Inc. focused on working with decision makers, building a coalition of business and industry, and prevented the ill-conceived proposal from moving forward.  Decision makers backed off the proposal and worked to find an alternative solution that did not impact residents and industry.