Connecting Communities

Westlake Village

The Issue

​​During COVID-19, the most severe health crisis in recent history, local governments faced many challenges in communicating with their constituents about the evolving pandemic. Such challenges were the enormity of the pandemic, the speed at which it was evolving and the distributed misinformation throughout news channels.

The City of Westlake Village engaged Stacy Miller Public Affairs to provide and execute a forward-thinking communication strategy that would deliver hyper-local, crucial information to the city’s constituents during these uncertain times.




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Connecting and Consulting


Assessing, Messaging, Informing and Disseminating


Planning, Designing, Executing and Reporting


Assessing, Designing, Developing, Testing, Training and Delivering


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Strategizing, Promoting, Creating and Advertising


Educating, Collaborating, Connecting and Communicating

The Solution

First on the agenda was to create a single-source public information hub containing local resources for Westlake Village residents, links to county and state public health updates, interactive maps showcasing open businesses, frequently asked questions and updated health regulations– Stacy Miller Public Affairs also launched several public outreach campaigns that promoted stay-at-home health orders and safe practices to slow the COVID-19 spread.

Simultaneously, Stacy Miller Public Affairs developed social media tiles with categories of services available to residents–such as senior services, local restaurant take-out and delivery, virtual recreation programs and community partner information. Stacy Miller Public Affairs leaned on the power of social media to deliver timely, factual information to the local community through the creation of the City of Westlake Village Twitter account.

The City of Westlake Village Twitter account–created by Stacy Miller Public Affairs–delivered timely, factual information to the community. Stacy Miller Public Affairs also assisted in preparing and reviewing COVID-related city messages, producing educational videos featuring the Mayor and city council members, designing infographics, as well as distributing informational newsletters to residents, businesses and stakeholders. Through these tactics, the community was able to stay up-to-date on changing public health orders and business protocols.

Recognizing the need for relief funding, Stacy Miller Public Affairs also focused on strengthening strategic partnerships with federal and state government officials. The team assisted in crafting and sending letters to California senators, representatives and assembly members, requesting enactment of relief legislation containing direct appropriations for municipalities and later requesting the direct allocation of Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds to the City of Westlake Village.

Impact public information hub received over 9,500 website visits within the first six months of operation. received 177 business website page views during the first week of operation.

Over 300 updates were performed on

The Public Health Department posted 5,140 times on social media.

Sixteen infographics designed.

Six informational advertisements in "The Acorn."

Nineteen letters sent to elected government officials highlighting the City of Westlake Village’s response to COVID-19, urging the enactment of relief legislation for municipalities and seeking relief funding from the CARES Act.

The City of Westlake Village received $101,000 from the CARES Act.