The Covid-19 Pandemic

Santa Barbara County

The Issue

COVID-19 saw millions of people worldwide quarantined, non-essential businesses and services shut down and an overwhelming demand was placed on our healthcare system. On March 4, 2020, the County of Santa Barbara Public Health Department (SBPHD) enlisted Stacy Miller Public Affairs to develop and implement a comprehensive communication. Their goal was to ensure that timely, relevant and potentially life-saving health information was available to the community in a format that was easily accessible 24/7, while at the same time stemming the flow of misinformation.




Analyzing, Creating and Communicating


Planning, Pitching and Publishing


Assessing, Messaging, Informing and Disseminating


Planning, Designing, Executing and Reporting


Assessing, Designing, Developing, Testing, Training and Delivering


Managing, Organizing, Representing and Communicating


Strategizing, Promoting, Creating and Advertising


Educating, Collaborating, Connecting and Communicating

The Solution

At the heart of the strategy was the English and Spanish language COVID-19 public information portals––designed to act as a one-stop-shop for all COVID-related information. This included virus facts, frequently asked questions, press releases, informational videos, and more. Subsequent testing, vaccine information, health orders, and blog posts written by local health professionals were added to the website as the virus epidemiological situation evolved. Both English and Spanish websites were updated 24/7 with the latest COVID-19 information.

Stacy Miller Public Affairs went on to build––in order to provide federal, state and local resources for businesses, resources for individuals, community assistance programs and a school reopening framework.

Additionally, Stacy Miller Public Affairs created a county-wide community/unity campaign and video, multiple advertising campaigns around testing, vaccination, pediatric vaccination and booster shots. 

Stacy Miller Public Affairs also created virtual town hall meetings, community outreach programs, media relations efforts, a robust social media presence and traditional signage throughout the community.


The COVID-19 public information portal––received 4.7 million visits and nearly 10 million page views throughout the active course of the pandemic.

The website contained 30+ key information buttons.

90 informational pages.

370 blog/press releases posts for individuals to access at all times.

The website received over 108,200 site visits and 176,425 page views.

“Resources for Business” page had 5,245 views.

“Resources for Individuals” page had 2,753 views.

The Public Health Department posted 5,140 times on social media.

318 press releases sent.

90 virtual press conferences held.

More than 43,000 community members registered to receive the 120 plus E-news blasts that were sent to the public from the Public Health Department.

County’s call center received 45,888 calls.