Protecting the California Coastline

Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans & Nourishment

The Issue

The Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment (BEACON) is a California Joint Powers Authority that actively works to address coastal erosion, beach nourishment and clean oceans within the Central California Coast from Santa Barbara County to Ventura County.

In a recent study, scientists found that at least 31 percent of Southern California beaches may be completely eroded by 2100 in the absence of increased beach management efforts.

BEACON turned to Stacy Miller Public Affairs for help in establishing a brand awareness campaign to draw attention to the proactive work BEACON is doing to preserve our beaches and to effectively tell BEACON’s story in order to secure critical funding for future BEACON projects.




Analyzing, Creating and Communicating


Planning, Identifying and Storytelling


Connecting and Consulting

The Solution

Stacy Miller Public Affairs embarked on a “listening tour,” in which the team interviewed all BEACON member agencies to identify BEACON’s programs and projects that seek to reduce shoreline erosion within the Central California Coast jurisdiction and to assess BEACON’s current communication efforts.

Subsequently, Stacy Miller Public Affairs produced several “road-show” presentations and an annual impact report to increase BEACON exposure amongst its member agencies, the public, community and private partners, as well as elected government officials.