Water Conservation

United Water Conservation District

The Issue

Water is a precious and limited resource, and assuring that Ventura County’s municipalities, industries, agriculture and three Naval bases have the water they need now and in the future is at the heart of United Water Conservation District’s mission. So, when a Federal agency levied serious limitations on how much water United Water could divert for groundwater and aquifer replenishment, United Water sought the assistance of Stacy Miller Public Affairs.




Analyzing, Creating and Communicating


Assessing, Visualizing, Designing, Marketing and Distributing


Connecting and Consulting


Managing, Organizing, Representing and Communicating


Educating, Collaborating, Connecting and Communicating

The Solution

The Stacy Miller Public Affairs team took the time to understand the complex issues that involved all levels of government including local, state and federal, as well as environmental concerns. Stacy Miller Public Affairs utilized its “listening tour” model to better understand both internal and external perceptions about the Agency. We met with a wide range of individuals representing water agencies, local government, environmental organizations, District employees and elected officials to better understand insights and issues.

The listening tour led to development of a “message platform,” which was used to inform all communications about the District. United Water staff worked with the Stacy Miller Public Affairs team to educate the community about the dire impacts to the region’s water reliability if the District could not divert adequate stormwater for aquifer/groundwater replenishment. Stacy Miller Public Affairs employed strategic communications and coalition-building tactics including speaking engagements, a new e-News, professionally-created one-sheets and info-graphs to tell the District’s story. Most importantly, Stacy Miller Public Affairs facilitated relationship-building at all levels to assist the District to move the issue out of obscurity and into the forefront.


Developed a broad coalition of over 80 Stakeholders: including business, agriculture, government and community organizations.

Secured multiple above the fold features and Opinion Pieces on United and their facilities.

Significantly raised the profile of the organization within the Ventura County community.

Prepared multiple delegations to advocate for water right and resources in Washington DC.